about bedford styvesant

The most interesting people in the world are multi-faceted, the most compelling stories contain a surprise or two, and the most endearing neighborhoods are multi-layered. Bedford-Stuyvesant,more commonly referred to as Bed-Stuy is one of those multi-layered neighborhoods where there is always something new to see and discover.

Bed-Stuy is famous for its impressive brownstones, built for well-to-do Brooklynites in the late 19th century.Bed-Stuy's tree-lined streets are home to a colorful variety of shops and restaurants, and stunning brownstones, many of which still contain the classical architectural elements and ornamental details with which they were designed.

There is no arguing the fact that Bed-Stuy is in the midst of adding a new layer to its already impressive history, but that's what a living, breathing neighborhoods does. Everyone who has passed through Bed-Stuy has left a bit of their character here. From Lena Horne to Norah Jones and Chris Rock, each soul has left their mark. It is, perhaps, no wonder that so many people wish they could call Bed-Stuy home.

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